North Benton Ambulance Service provides emergency response care for more than 300 miles of Benton County, plus surrounding counties. Each year, our providers respond to an average of 1,000 emergency and non-emergency calls for service. We have two ambulances and 32 highly-qualified providers, including four critical care paramedics and 17 paramedics.

Established in 1970, NBA has steadily grown and diversified. Our providers have honed their expertise and knowledge through ongoing education and experience. This commitment has enabled us to upgrade our level of service and to be licensed in 2012 as a Critical Care Transport Ambulance, ensuring our coverage area first-rate, highly qualified responders in emergency situations.

North Benton Ambulance Service Survey

We strive to provide superior service and support, and most of all, to respect our patients and their needs. In order to monitor and improve our services, we ask patients and/or their family to fill out this brief (3-5 minute) survey.  Click here to complete the survey.