Because we have well-qualified responders and top-quality equipment, we can quickly evaluate patients, initiate critical care and relay their status to hospital Emergency Department staff en route to the appropriate hospital. We can transmit exact data about potential heart attacks and strokes, administering life-saving care before the patient reaches the Emergency Department. This helps Emergency Department staff to be prepared to provide more advanced, targeted care more quickly once the patient arrives.

Our providers are able to assess the level of interventional care the patient needs, quickly determining which area hospital is the best destination. NBA is unique in its ability to provide critical care paramedical service – the highest level of emergency response – in a primarily rural coverage area.

NBA also provides emergency medical services at many community events year-round, including ambulances on site and roving medical controls. These events include the Benton County Fair; Benton County Speedway races; and community festivals. In addition, we speak to after-school program events to educate children on safety precautions and address civic organizations (Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary) about the level of care we provide.